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Floor Scrubber

15L Foldable Floor Scrubber Dryer For Office
Model: TC15-K2

Power: 800W

Cleaning width: 350mm

Brush speed:180rpm

Product description: Perfect choice for applications such as small shops, canteens, coffee shops, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants.


Product details

15L Foldable Floor Scrubber Dryer For Office


1.Compact design, shell and handle integrated, firm structure.

2.Intuitive operation panel , easy and convenient to control.

3.Eco with silent modes make it easy to clean over longer periods.

4.Recovery tank equips with floating device, well protect vacuum motor when sewage full.

5.Ergonomic handle design makes 180 degrees adjustable, fits multiple users.

6.Adjustable and foldable handle for easy transport and storage.

7.Famous motor, battery, charger, rubber blade, guarantee long lifetime.

8.Curved squeegee makes water absorption more effective.

Technical data

Cleaning width350mm
Squeegee width420mm
Turning radius360mm
Brush motor400W
Brush speed180rpm
Brush pressure22kg
Vacuum motor400W
Vacuum degree160mbar
Solution tank13L
Recovery tank15L
Running time1.5h
Net weight60kgs
Gross weight75kgs
Product size720*450*1030mm


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15L Foldable Floor Scrubber Dryer For Office